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Art Songs in Spanish, Portuguese & Catalan.

Mundo Arts is specialized in Latin American and Iberian vocal music. Its devoted team of researchers uncovers extraordinary art songs in Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Indigenous languages.

All our books are in English and Spanish and provide all the necessary tools to acquire accurate interpretations, including IPA transcriptions, poetry translations, and contextualization of the works, its composers and poets.

The Colombian Art Song Jaime León: Analysis and Compilation of his vocal works Vol. 2
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The Argentinean Art Song: Irma Urteaga Complete Works for Voice & Piano
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THE COLOMBIAN ART SONG Jaime León: Analysis and compilation of his vocal works. Vol.1
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Barcelona Festival of Song

Mundo Arts organizes the acclaimed Barcelona Festival of Song, a summer course for classical singers, collaborative pianists, and musicologists focused on the study of the history & interpretation of the vocal repertoires in Spanish, Portuguese & Catalan.

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Dive into the Spanish and Latin American music culture.